Basic Information about Becky’s Game Studio

Becky’s Game Studio is one of the leading international mobile game developers that has been operating in the industry for over a decade now. Becky’s Game Studio has the reputation of being a reliable and solid partner that creates first-class games for iOS, Android and BlackBerry platforms.

Becky’s Game Studio provides a complex set of game production, parent monitor app, design and PR services. Our talented team of developers have skills and experience to turn any idea into a masterpiece!

Since 2001, Becky’s Game Studio has successfully completed over 200 gaming, educational, eCommerce and development projects.

Our Team

Our team consists of the most experienced and zealous designers, developers and marketing specialists who can transform any gaming concept into a fascinating and interactive experience.

We are able to implement cutting-edge technologies to the development of games and we always propose cost-effective solutions to the problems set by our customers. We always take into consideration all market trends and keep up with them in order to create the most amazing and popular games in the sphere.

Our expertise enables us to bring into life the most challenging ideas – and we will help you an every stage of the game development – from coming up with an idea to implementing it in life. With our help any idea of yours will be put in the practice as we are knowledgeable, experienced and inspired. Our main goal is to create top-notch games that will win gamers’ hearts.