Castle Siege Times

This is a highly amusing adventure game with lots of puzzles to be solved and hundreds of enemies to be conquered. Earn gold coins to upgrade your weapons, acquire new magic skills to stop magical monsters from coming into the castle, complete challenging missions and solve tricky puzzles on the way.

You can choose who you want to be: a monk, a knight, a king, or a lady warrior. Depending on the hero, you will possess a number of different skills and weapons available.

At the very end, if you are lucky enough to last that long, you will have to meet the Dark Wizard himself in a deadly fight.

Why Play Castle Siege Times?

  • This game will be an enthralling adventure for beginners who have little experience with the genre, but it will be equally interesting for more advanced players due to its many unexpected plot twists.
  • Immersive environment will make you feel as if you really had the power to fly, levitate, cast spells, turn enemies into different objects.
  • Lots of quizzes, puzzles and missions that will challenge players practice their math, logical thinking, problem solving and time-management skills!

Features: clear interface,easy-to-use controls, 20 complexity levels, record tables.

Abilities: choosing (customizing) a hero; upgrading weapons, exchanging gold for new skills.

Ages: 10+

Release date: 2012

Device compatibility: iOS (iPhone, iPad, Android)

Price: $9.99