Features That Predetermine App’s Success

App DesignThere are millions of mobile applications at the app markets today, some gain huge popularity, some are unremembered within days after being revealed. The reasons for that are different: insufficient work of Marketing specialists, lack of advertising, small target audience or poorly preformed design of the app. The last reason is one of the most obvious, though many developers still neglect the possibility to improve the design of the app believing that great functionality will save the day.

However, there are several peculiar features that shouldn’t be ignored, and only that way the app can become successful.

How to make the App become successful?

  • App should be easy to use. Even the apps with the most enhanced functional should be simple, so novice users will know how to use them. For example, remote monitoring apps are really sophisticated, however, even non tech-savvy parents can use them in order to keep track of their kids’ activities.
  • The app should cover two main platforms – iOS and Android. Requirements of the design for these platforms differ from each other, so it is necessary to take them into consideration and test the app on each platform and on different devices.
  • Simple navigation. Taking a monitoring app as a sample, it is obvious how much information it should provide to the user – from the GPS location of the target device to the web browsing history – and in most cases this iphone app designinformation is collected in the real time mode. It is easy to get lost in the huge amount of information, so it is essential to make everything accessible and intuitive design should help with that.
  • Every button should be self-explanatory. Let’s go to a monitoring app once more. Not many parents are great with different gadgets, so it has to be quite easy. If it says “tracking”, it should lead to a tracking page. You can check Pumpic as an example here; everything is on its place and is perfectly clear even for an inexperienced user.
  • The design should meet the requirements of the target audience. So if parents are the target audience of the app, so the application should give all-encompassing information about kids’ actions with the mobile device as well as propose a possibility to manage the device.