Step-by-Step Guide to Entering the App Store with Your Product

Featuring on the App Store is a dream comes true for all game developers – there are millions of apps and being the one that stands out from the crowd is really honorable. More than that, featuring is a guarantee that your app will be spotted and will bring you more profit.

However, it is not as easy to get featured as some developers may think – it is impossible to buy the ability to get advertised in App Store. Usually Apple doesn’t give explanations on how games are selected for featuring, however, one of former marketing managers of App Store, Michael Ehrenberg, gave some tips how to achieve this goal. Here they are:

List of features your game should have

  1. The most obvious one: your game has to be catching, top-quality and interesting to watch and play.
  2. The game should use the latest possibilities of iOS and Apple devices.
  3. Your marketing strategy should be well-thought-out: make your game saleable
  4. Do not put all emphasis on the game itself, dedicate enough time for marketing and promotion of your game
  5. Do not put off showing the game to Apple’s team to the last day before launch of the game: it is advisable to show the project long before the end date – and here we speak about weeks, not days.
  6. Develop contacts in Apple team – showing your project to a member of the App Store team in informal surroundings increases your chances.
  7. Customer is a king – it is a rule that never will be broken. That is why Apple features games that will be interesting to users, not that developers want to be featured.
  8. There is a possibility to get your game featured without being chosen among thousands of others – this is the case when you allow Apple to give your app for free for a limited period of time. This option is called “Free app of the week” and usually developer gets a huge profit afterwards thanks to the viral popularity of the game.
  9. Curators usually avoid developers, mind that, though, you can contact marketing team of the App Store and show them your game.
  10. Always emphasize in the description of your game, how it uses new features of iOS or Apple hardware.
  11. Take into consideration that games for kids will be less likely chosen for featuring in future
  12. Do not let the leakage of info about your game before your marketing campaign.