How to Make Your Mobile App More Attractive for Children?

Development of mobile apps is time-consuming and complicated process that involves many stages that require profound knowledge and experience. The situation is even more challenging if there is a need to develop an app for children, because kids are the fastidious audience. It is necessary to take into consideration their interest, reactions on certain actions and what is important for adults, what is the educational impact of the app.

A half of children who have access to the web-connected mobile devices often download apps from app marketplaces. Of course, they prefer to download entertaining apps rather than educational ones. Moreover, parents who download apps for kids also pay attention to the entertaining part of the app at first to be sure that the app will be interesting to a child.

That is why developers should strain every nerve in order to create apps that hit the spot of both educational and entertainment needs.

These tips will help you to create an app that kids will love

  • Tell an interesting story. All kids like stories so they story told in the app should attract them.
  • Do not neglect prototyping. In order to create child-friendly user interface, be ready to remake it for several times as this point is one of the most challenging. There are some peculiarities of children app development – for example, creating pop-ups or banners that redirect user somewhere would not be a great idea. It will be difficult for kid to return to the app, so avoid using social media plug-ins.
  • If you are creating an app for international usage, language issues may appear, so it would be better to cooperate with native speakers to create great content for the app.
  • Entertaining app should still be educative – do not forget about that. Pay attention to creation of high quality content and graphics.
  • Usually children do not pay much time using the app, so try not to add some features never seen before as children won’t spend time to figure out how they work.
  • Follow the trend. At the moment arcade and action-based games are the most popular so consider creation of games in this genre.