How to Make Your Mobile Game Successful?

Let us figure out, what is a criterion of success of any mobile game. Many developers incorrectly think that everything depends on the high position in big app marketplace. However, high rank is not a yardstick of success if the game doesn’t bring money to owners (unless the project is focused on charity). Burst with following dip of popularity is another issue of developers – there is nothing worse than a “shark tail” effect of the app traction. That is why only long-term popularity counts here.

According to this, successful mobile game gains money and has long-lasting popularity. As you can see, it is a result of hard work of not developers only, but of the team of professionals in development, design and marketing.

Everything starts with the development of the game.

Patterns to follow if you want to create successful game

  • Keep it simple. User has to understand how to play the game from the word go, so the beginning of the game should be simple – you can add complexity with the progress in game.
  • Great UX and UI is a must. Visual impression is the most important in the game: everyone knows that the first impression is long-lasting. Poorly designed game will never ever have a success so do your best to make your design more eye-appealing. It turns out that users pull the level for minimalistic great design rather than for complex game plot. According to the researches, up to 50% of all apps are deleted within 45 seconds after downloading. Good design will catch attention of the user.
  • Do not stop with launching of the game, constantly update and improve it: add new levels, develop new content etc.
  • Do not try to develop game just before launching. It would be wise to create a prototype and show it to testers and game players and then develop game taking into consideration their feedback.

Together with the development of the game dedicate enough time to marketing:

  • Specify main performance indicators of the game.
  • Plan everything ahead: start promoting the game before the launch and think of the cross-promotion to cover bigger audience.
  • Select KPIs for the game and test everything to check the possibility of their improvement.
  • Always search for new markets.