How to Turn Around In-App Purchases from the App

Monetization of the app is not as difficult as it seems so when you create something great, make the best of the possibility to earn some money from it. When you develop a game, it is essential to add a possibility to make in-app purchases as it is one of the most efficient ways to make money with help of the game. This article will help you to find new ways to stake.

Tips of the Monetazation with In-App Purchases

  1. Use the curiosity of gamers. In case if your game consists of numerous different levels, this tip is for you. Offer a possibility to get access to enhanced tools or levels before players reach them by accomplishing tasks of lower levels. As a result, such in-app purchase will open closed items for certain amount of money. And this feature will be duly appreciated by impatient players who want to find out everything before the time comes.
  2. In case if your game is a story, you can block access to the ending of it, so anyone who wants to complete the game and figure out how the story ends, will have to make in-app purchase. However, this tip will work in case if your story is catching, absorbing and includes a lot of edge-of-your-seat actions. If your story is a bit dull or lacks action, then in most cases players will simply delete your game after completing free part of it. Look through your game and make sure that there are enough conflicts and cliffhangers together with interesting twists and colorful details.
  3. In some cases the paid-for possibility to skip some annoying non-skippable actions can come in handy. Players who are interested in your game will use an opportunity to save some time and nerves and skip endless tips provided by the game character. However, this tip should be used with great consideration – in case if you overuse it, annoying advisor can force players to delete your game.