List of the Best Mobile Game Development Tools and Resources

Nowadays it is obvious that the future of gaming lies on the smartphone and tablet market. No wonder that today much prominence is given to the development of mobile games and every day new enhanced technology or tool appears. Here is a list of the most helpful tools, engines, libraries and resources.

  • Construct 2 – tool that allow you to create iOS, Android and Facebook games. Doesn’t require code knowledge.
  • GameMaker is a simple drag-and-drop tool that allows to create games for Android and iOS.
  • Styncyl is another one drag-and-drop platform that proposes a possibility to create games.
  • Multimedia Fusion 2 is a helper in development of games and apps for iOS, Android, Java and XNA. Simple and user-friendly.
  • GameSalad assists in development and publishing of games to Windows Phone, iOS, Android and HTML5.
  • Gideros Mobile requires basic knowledge of coding language for creation of applications and games.

Game engines

  • Edgelib – this engine supports all popular platforms including Symbian
  • Unity Mobile is a mobile version of 3D Unity engine
  • Emo enables to write the game in Squirrel language and runs on both iOS and Android.
  • Unreal Development Kit – free version of the Unreal Engine III, able to create 3D simulations.
  • ShiVa3D game engine supports iOS, Android, WP and BlackBerry OS

iOS specific game engines

  • iTorque is a 2D game editor used for creation of games like Sushi to Go.
  • Cocos2D is said to be used for development of more than 2500 games of the AppStore.
  • Sparrow runs on Objective C and can be used for creation of games from scratch.
  • Oolong game engine requires knowledge of C++ in order to create new games or port existing games to the iOS.
  • Bork3D will come in handy for experts in programming.

Android specific game engines

  • Candroidis a free to use game engine
  • AndEngine is another one free engine where it is possible to create 2D OpenGL games
  • jPCT AE is considered to be a port of jPCT for Android.
  • Android Box2D is one of the best 2D body physics engines
  • Catcake is user-friendly and effective 3D graphics engine.