Things You Should Know to Monetize a Mobile Game Application

In the technology era we are living in, mobile game apps are gaining more popularity every day. And it’s quite natural – mobile games are an excellent way to spend free time and fix any bad mood. Modern game developers put lots of creativity and effort into their games. This fact resulted in beautiful game apps appreciated by people of all ages.

monetizing app

If you are planning on contributing to the world of mobile games or you already built an app, here are several ways you can monetize it and thus, earn a good income. But keep in mind: your pursuit for the revenue should not interfere with the joy and fun your players should be getting from the game.

Cross-marketing with other apps

This is a cool and easy way to market your game app and let the game lovers know about your product. In fact, it is a common practice on the market. You simply contact other game app developers and ask to display the link to your app within their application. And, of course, do the same for their app. Some even come up with affiliate program where they market several apps from one or more developers and earn money for it.

Make use of Pay-Per-Episode model

Do you want to engage serious gamers into your app? In such case, break your game app into smaller episodes instead of having it all in one file. Apply pay-per-episode model, selling the episodes a bit cheaper than you would for the whole game. This way you would also get more attention to your app in the store. There would be more interest and traffic to the game compared to hundreds of other apps.

Be sure to offer various in-app purchases

Providing your users the opportunity to buy in-game features and extras is the classic move and the effective one. But keep in mind: some developers go too far and build games where you cannot even play properly without in-game items. The options offered for extra money should be skins and additional options, new levels, and challenges. But the main plotline should still be playable without those.

Get profit fom your app

Provide users with novelties on the regular basis

The key to keeping users in your app for a long time is regularly offering something new. Update your application and include new options. Depending on the type of your application, you can provide additional customization options or sharing rewards. Work on the design from time to time and make sure you adapt to the trends on the market. There are plenty of apps appearing on the market every day – it is your job to keep your app competitive and captivating.

Make the use of freemium app model

The freemium app monetization model is something developers might underrate. But you should not make the same mistake. Yes, most users are not ready to pay for the fun mobile games bring. But there is a group of gamers out there who will gladly pay a certain sum to get premium access to the game.

This way, when creating your game app be sure to provide players with two versions of it. The one – free-to-play – would be the light version; while those who pay for the access would get way to more advanced levels. Be sure to include unique tools or plots to the paid version so that players would not regret spending their money. Reminding about the benefits provided by the paid version throughout the game levels will be helpful as well.

So, here you have it – simple and effective tips to help you earn money from your mobile game app. Some of them would work just fine for you, so now you can choose the ones you like the most and implement them into your product. Just be sure not to use all of them at once, as it might result not in getting a lot of money but the opposite – losing your users. Remember, balance is the key to success.