Must-Have Resources for Mobile Game Developers

Constant learning and polishing of skills are essential for the success in the mobile game development sphere. Networking is also essential as well as the knowledge shared between skilled and professional developers.

If you are in search of up-to-date profound reading, this list of sources will help you.

12 excellent websites and resources with in-depth information

  1. Gamasutra is the very place for game developers to get relevant insights and news on what is going on in the gaming sphere. There is a lot of useful content for game developers including dev-written articles and postmortems.
  2. Develop Magazine is a wellhead of useful information concerning game development – this site includes toolset reviews, job listings, and tutorials with feature articles and in-depth interviews.
  3. Udemy is a perfect place to find some new coding, design or development skills and here you can find many tools and educational courses at affordable prices.

Many developers underestimate the influence marketing has on the success of their work. However, knowledge of different marketing techniques will improve the quality of dev work greatly.

  1. Gamesauce is a rich resource of quality content that contain video talks, studio spotlights, postmortems and interviews.
  2. Pocket Gamer is focused on the mobile games market and it is possible to find a lot of interesting information with reviews and industry think pieces.
  3. StackOverflow is a place to find answers to all essential questions you have concerning game development. It is a forum for coders and programmers that contains useful advice.
  4. Gamedev&Reddit is a place to connect with fellow developers, find out new tricks and tips and share your own insights and get opinion of other folks.
  5. App Annie blog. The very app is useful as it provides stat tracking and metrics reporting.
  6. Gamedev is packed with tutorials, insider articles and general tips in coding.