My School Hero

At the first sight, this awesome puzzle game resembles the traditional Sudoku, but offers a much wider choice of problems and quizzes to solve.

How Game will Improve your Analytical and Logical Skills

There is a 9*9 grid where each cell contains a math puzzle. To find out which number is hidden in every particular cell, you have to solve the math problem that appears on the right side of the grid. Depending on the complexity level, it might be a simple addition/ subtraction/ multiplication/ division problem, a word problem or a problem related to square roots and cube roots.

The game allows practicing math, analytical, logical thinking, and problem solving skills.

Features: intuitive interface,easy-to-navigate controls, 4 complexity levels (beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate, advanced), record tables, convenient note-taking facilities, pop-up tips and a vast knowledge base to help players.

Ages: 9+

Release date: 2010

Device compatibility: iOS (iPhone, iPad, Android)

Price: $19.99