The Most Useful Mobile Game Development Tools

Today game developers put emphasis on creation of games for smartphones and tablets as their role on the market grows by leaps and bounds. To assist you in this hard and challenging task we have handpicked a list of tools that can simplify the process of game creation.

Unreal Engine 4

Creator of this engine for new-gen consoles and PC, Epic Games states that it can also be used for creation of less graphic-intensive apps.


This company provides a large set of tools for game developing including the latest suite of 2D tools and cloud-based development service Playnomics. In fact, Unity proposes solutions for almost any development needs.

App Game Kit

The Game Creators’ kit is really helpful as it reduces the time of programming the game: using this kit developers have a possibility to create the game logic and deploy it across various mobile devices and OS. App Game Kit uses its own script language that is very simple and straightforward so even novices can handle it. However, it is possible to use C++.

Corona SDK

More than 300,000 developers use this toolkit for a reason: it proposes an extensive library of over 500 APIs with great set of features and it uses Lua coding language.


Free suite of tools gives a helping hand to developers with many issues of dev and porting processes and the users of this suite can also use Juice tool that streamlines the porting of iOS apps to Android.

Project Anarchy

Havok released this -to-end game engine and it soon gained popularity thanks to the Vision Engine and Physics, Animation Studio and AI dev tools.


It is one of the best audio tools that can be used in engines and tools of Unreal Engine 4, Marmalade and Unity. This tool is perfect for mixing unique sounds like Convulsion.


This tool solves the problems of multiplayer gaming on mobile.


This analytical and marketing toolset provides access to unlimited data storage and various essential metrics.