Why Marketing Strategies of Big Studios Don’t Fit Small Mobile Game Developers Studios?

It may seem that small studios can use strategies of large mobile games development companies as an example. For some emulating the strategies of the large companies will have a guaranteed result in the same revenues.

However, this statement is far from truth. Large companies spend loads of money on development of their own tools and technologies for optimization of the working process as well as have teams of experts who run targeted campaigns. Small mobile game development company has none of that and lack of those resources will prevent the successful following of the chosen strategy.

There is no need to listen to large mobile game developers, it is time to create something new, unique and workable in the certain occasion.

The reasons for that are:

  • Big mobile game developers profit from an economy of scale. The money spent on marketing technologies will be spread across many games produced by this developer Large investments will be absorbed and enhance the strategies and technologies. As a result, developers spend less money for acquiring of a user with help of marketing means than the small developers will have to. That is why small developers should brainstorm the better investment of their money, for example, focus on their portfolio and entrust some tasks to outsource.
  • Large game developers are price-makers. With the release of any new game large companies spend a lot of money across marketing channels and if the game hits high position developers usually reduce CPIs to profitable levels. Small development companies have no possibility to advertise the game in such a way, so they have to focus on reaching the respectable position in the sub-category chart. Moreover, large companies can sacrifice a very large launch campaign in case if the launch has indirect benefits.
  • Small companies should be focused on their main products. Large companies discuss their strategies because they give them competitive advantages. Small companies should pay attention to creation of the games instead of developing marketing strategies around poorly developed prod