Workable Tips on Creating Mind-blowing App Design

When developing a design for an app, it is necessary to find a happy medium between the UI understandable for new users and interesting for experienced users. Here are some tips that will help you with that:

Follow the rules of great app interface:

  • Create a design that meets the requirements of the target user.
  • The app should be useful
  • The elements of the design should be understandable
  • Use familiar patterns so users will know how to use the app from the word go
  • Every action of the user should have a feedback
  1. Learn your target audience. With its help you will be able to specify personas, scenarios and draw experience maps. Thus you will know how users will most likely use your app. It is necessary to check the app and run remote usability tests to make sure that the app hits the spot of users’ needs.
  2. Create a prototype for the app. You can even draw it on the paper, the main point here is your understanding, how users will react to content and actions. Also every page should be sketched so the outline of the app will be really helpful.
  3. Look through common mobile patterns and select the most appropriate as the basis for the app. It is not necessary to copy them, vice versa, it is necessary to customize them to make the app unique and still be intuitively manageable. For example, use gestures in commonly accepted way and use animations to add some motion, especially in game apps design. These patterns also help to specify the appearance of the layout.
  4. Remember, that mobile apps are designed for using with help of fingers, so all buttons should be accessible with fingertips, give buttons some space. Take into consideration that width of our fingers is about 50 pixels and it is wider than recommended size for touch targets (44 pixels).
  5. Use shadows ad gradients as they make the UI more natural.
  6. Reduce the number of clicks and actions user has to do to perform something.